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Biology Notes - Chapter 1

Chapter 1
Section 1
Characteristics of Living Things
-made of cells
-use energy
-have a life cycle

Summarizes in:
  1. have an orderly structure
  2. produce offspring
  3. grow and develop
  4. adjust to changes in the environment
Biology is the study of life. Bio meaning life and logy meaning study. The origin is Greek.  If we study biology we will appreciate the diversity in the world. Biology also wants to solve problems and see how we fit in the rest of the natural world.
Anything that possesses all of the characteristics of life is known as an organism.  
Reproduction is simply the production of offspring.
A species is a group of organisms that can interbreed and produce fertile offspring in nature.
Growth is an increase in the amount of living material and the formation of new structures. All parts of the different organisms grow at different rates.
All of the changes that take place during the life of an organism are known as its development.
Environment is the surroundings that include air, water, weather, temperature, any other organisms in the area and many other factors.
Stimulus is anything in the external or internal environment that causes the organism to react. 
Response is a reaction to a stimulus.
Regulation of an organisms internal environment to maintain conditions suitable for its survival is called homeostasis. Endothermic -meaning that an internal mechanism regulates our body temperature- were formerly called warm blooded, while exothermic   -meaning that an external factor regulates our body temperature- were formerly called cold blooded.
Energy is the ability to cause change.
Any inherited structure, behavior or internal process that enables an organism to respond to environmental factors and live to produce offspring is called an adaptation.
The gradual change in a species through adaptations over time is evolution.
Note: osmo-regulation is the process in homeostasis of regulating the levels of water... There are other regulations such as the ion regulations and others. 
Section 3
Technology is the application of scientific research to society’s needs and problems.

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